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Ikegami Baien

[Seasonal Special!] [Nature] [Japanese Garden] [Plum Blossom]

[Seasonal] Plum Blossoms Viewing
★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8.0/10.0)

[Overall] Sightseeing
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6.0/10.0)

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◎ Beautiful
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TRY JAPAN recommends ...

1: to see plum blossoms (limited season only)

The garden that plum blooms on the slope

If you visit Ikegami Baien, you can see about 370 plum trees densely planted on the slope area in this flower garden.

Walking around this garden, you can view the changing stereoscopic scenery from various view areas such as the observatory on the hill, the pathway in the middle of the hill and the entrance area under the hill.

This flower garden is famous for plum blossoms. Generally speaking, the high season of plum blossoms at this garden is sometime around from late winter to early spring, while it may change according to weather conditions.

In other part of this garden, there are two Japanese tea rooms called "Seigetsuan" and "Chouuan" in the other part of this garden. This garden is well-maintained and kept clean.

It opened in 1978. It is a small public garden of Ota City at residential area in Ikegami, Ota City, Tokyo. Its nearest station is Nishi-Magome station.

On a different note, plum is the flower of Ota City where Ikegami Baien is located.

For your information, you have an option to visit Ikegami Honmonji Temple within a walking distance. It is the head Buddhist temple of Nichiren Sect that has the oldest Five-Storied Pagoda in Kanto Area.

Event Information

Finished Event Information

"Chrysanthemum Exhibition"
from October 24, 2015 (Saturday) to November 8, 2015 (Sunday)
from October 22, 2016 (Saturday) to November 6, 2016 (Sunday)
from October 21, 2017 (Saturday) to November 5, 2017 (Sunday)
from October 27, 2018 (Saturday) to November 11, 2018 (Sunday)
from October 26, 2019 (Saturday) to November 10, 2019 (Sunday)

"Ikegami Honmonji Temple Tour"
February 20, 2016 (Saturday)

"Ikegami Baien Light up"
from February 24, 2019 (Sunday) to March 3, 2019 (Sunday)
from February 14, 2020 (Friday) to March 1, 2020 (Sunday)
from February 21, 2021 (Sunday) to March 7, 2021 (Sunday) Cancelled
*Opening Hour is Extended until 20:00 (Last Entry: 19:30).

Necessary Time
It is estimated that it is about 45 minutes in a regular pace, about 30 minutes in a hurried pace, and about 1 hour in a slow pace.

Opening Hour
This garden opens from 9:00 to 16:30 (last entry: 16:00).

Closed Day
This garden is closed every Monday, and year-end and new year holiday. In case that Monday is either a national holiday or a substitute holiday, it opens on Monday and closes on the following weekday. Also, it opens on Monday in February and March.

Admissions Fee
It is 100-yen for adults aged 16 and over and 20-yen for children aged 6 and over. It is free for those aged 65 and over.

It takes about 10 minutes from Nishi-Magome Station.

Nearest Railway Station
◎ Nishi-Magome Station (Toei Subway: Asakusa Line)
○ Ikegami Station (Tokyu: Ikegami Line)

Fellow Travelers
◎ Alone
◎ With Friends
◎ With Significant Other
◎ With Family
○ With Children

Name in English
Ikegami Baien

Name in Roman Letters
Ikegami Baien

Name in Japanese

2-2-13, Ikegami, Ota City, Tokyo, 146-0082, Japan

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Purpose: Garden

Purpose: Nature

Purpose: Plum Blossom

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