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Nezu Museum

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◎ Beautiful
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TRY JAPAN recommends ...

1: to see "Irises" that is selected as national treasure and iris flowers at the garden (limited season only)
2: to see art works of oriental art at exhibitions
3: to see architectural building that is designed by Mr. Kengo Kuma

Art museum that has excellent art works, architecture and garden

If you visit Nezu Museum, you can see oriental art works according to the theme of exhibitions.

It is an art museum of oriental art. It has Nezu Collection. There are more than 7,000 collection items including 7 National Treasures of Japan and 87 Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

Excellent art works, architecture and garden are well harmonized. There are exhibition rooms at the 1st and the 2nd floors.

If the timing is right, you can see "Irises" by Korin Ogata (1658-1716) and iris flowers at the garden simultaneously around from late April to early May in spring.

At "Irises and Wisteria Screens" (from April 19, 2014 (Saturday) to May 18, 2014 (Sunday)), this art museum displayed "Irises" by Korin Ogata and "Wisteria" by Okyo Maruyama (1733-1795) were displayed next to each other. "Irises" is National Treasure of Japan with a dynamic drawing. "Wisteria" is Important Cultural Property of Japan with a sensitive drawing. These pictures are harmonized in the atmosphere of the architecture. Also, it was wonderful to see real irises and wisteria at Japanese garden.

It is great to be in the architecture. Walking through the bamboo promenade, it is possible to switch the mindset from the city to the art museum. The design of whole architecture is simple enough. Japanese atmosphere is widespread throughout the art museum including the museum shop at the 1st floor, the rest spot on a mezzanine level, and the inside of elevator. It is designed by Mr. Kengo Kuma (1954-Present) who also designed Kabukiza Theatre, Suntory Museum of Art, and Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Viewing Deck.

Also, it is wonderful to see the landscape of Japanese garden that has a lot of trees including Japanese maples. As the difference of height is effectively utilized, it has stereoscopic scenery. It is enjoyable to see the change of scenery, walking around the garden. Tea houses surrounded by green trees and a boat on the pond create Japanese atmosphere.

It opened in 1941. It is a middle-sized private art museum at commercial area in Minami-Aoyama, Minato City, Tokyo. Its nearest station is Omote-Sando station.

Event Information

"Collection Exhibition: Tea Containers and Tea Bowls -Through the Eyes of a Connoisseur-"
from May 30, 2020 (Saturday) to July 12, 2020 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Cherishing Flowers, Yearning for the Moon -Nature and Beauty in Japan-"
from July 23, 2020 (Monday, National Holiday) to September 6, 2020 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Adventures in Monochrome -Early Modern Japanese Ink-Wash and Brush-Line Painting-"
from September 19, 2020 (Saturday) to November 3, 2020 (Tuesday, National Holiday)

"Special Exhibition Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Founding of the Nezu Museum: National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties in the Nezu Collection"
from November 14, 2020 (Saturday) to December 20, 2020 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Radiant Raden"
from January 9, 2021 (Saturday) to February 14, 2021 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: The World of Official Painters"
from February 25, 2021 (Thursday) to March 31, 2021 (Wednesday)

Finished Event Information

"Collection Exhibition: Bodhisattvas: Symbols of Salvation and Support"
from March 7, 2015 (Saturday) to April 6, 2015 (Monday)

"Special Exhibition Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of Ogata Kōrin's Death: Irises and Red and White Plum Blossoms -Secret of Korin's Design-"
from April 18, 2015 (Saturday) to May 17, 2015 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: The World of Edo Dandyism -From Swords to Inrō-"
from May 30, 2015 (Saturday) to July 20, 2015 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Collection Exhibition: Listening to Paintings -Rain, Wind, Bird Songs, Human Voices-"
from July 30, 2015 (Thursday) to September 6, 2015 (Sunday)

"Special Exhibition Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Nezu Museum: Preserving Heritage -The Nezu Collection-"
from September 19, 2015 (Saturday) to November 3, 2015 (Tuesday, National Holiday)

"Collection Exhibition: Pictured Tales -From Courtly Narratives to Medieval Short Stories-"
from November 14, 2015 (Saturday) to December 23, 2015 (Wednesday, National Holiday)

"Tea Ceremony Room is open to the public"
January 21, 2016 (Thursday)
February 11, 2016 (Thursday, National Holiday)
March 17, 2016 (Thursday)
June 16, 2016 (Thursday)
July 28, 2016 (Thursday)
August 11, 2016 (Thursday, National Holiday)
September 15, 2016 (Thursday)
October 13, 2016 (Thursday)
November 24, 2016 (Thursday)
December 8, 2016 (Thursday)
January 19, 2017 (Thursday)
February 9, 2017 (Thursday)
June 8, 2017 (Thursday)
August 10, 2017 (Thursday)
September 21, 2017 (Thursday)
October 5, 2017 (Thursday)
March 8, 2018 (Thursday)
June 28, 2018 (Thursday)
September 27, 2018 (Thursday)
October 25, 2018 (Thursday)
November 15, 2018 (Thursday)
December 6, 2018 (Thursday)
January 31, 2019 (Thursday)
February 28, 2019 (Thursday)
March 21, 2019 (Thursday, National Holiday)
May 30, 2019 (Thursday)
June 6, 2019 (Thursday)
July 4, 2019 (Thursday)
August 1, 2019 (Thursday)
September 26, 2019 (Thursday)
October 24, 2019 (Thursday)
November 28, 2019 (Thursday)
December 5, 2019 (Thursday)
January 30, 2020 (Thursday)
February 27, 2020 (Thursday)
March 12, 2020 (Thursday) Cancelled

"The 62nd Bunkazai Boka Day (Cultural Property Fire Prevention Day) Fire Engine Practice"
January 26, 2016 (Tuesday)

"Collection Exhibition: Pine, Bamboo, and Plum -Auspicious Designs in Celebration of the New Year-"
from January 9, 2016 (Saturday) to February 14, 2016 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Buddhist Teachings, for All Eternity -Masterpieces of Sacred Paintings-"
from February 27, 2016 (Saturday) to March 31, 2016 (Thursday)

"Special Exhibition: National Treasure Irises Screens -A Legacy of Poetic Allusion-"
from April 13, 2016 (Wednesday) to May 15, 2016 (Sunday)

"Special Event: Let's take a mirror in one's hand"
May 28, 2016 (Saturday), June 10, 2016 (Friday) and July 2, 2016 (Saturday)

"Collection Exhibition: Bewitching Mirrors -Ancient Mirrors from Murakami Collection-"
"Special Exhibit: The Brilliant Artist Sesshū in His Youth -Japan Premiere of Bodhidharma Crossing the Yangtze on a Reed-"
from May 26, 2016 (Thursday) to July 10, 2016 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Technique and Expression in Traditional Japanese Painting"
from July 23, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4, 2016 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Introduction to Chinese Ceramics"
from September 15, 2016 (Thursday) to October 23, 2016 (Sunday)

"Special Exhibition Celebration the Museum's 75th Anniversary: Maruyama Ōkyo -Opening up New Terrain in Japanese Painting-"
from November 3, 2016 (Thursday, National Holiday) to December 18, 2016 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Sometsuke -Celebrating Four Centuries of Japanese Porcelain-"
from January 7, 2017 (Saturday) to February 19, 2017 (Sunday)

"Special Display: Reencounter -Bonten・Taishakuten of Kohfukuji Temple-"
from January 7, 2017 (Saturday) to March 31, 2017 (Friday)

"Special Exhibition: The Fragrant Sublime -Koryŏ Buddhist Paintings-"
from March 4, 2017 (Saturday) to March 31, 2017 (Friday)

"Special Exhibition: Irises and Mountain Streams in Summer and Autumn"
from April 12, 2017 (Wednesday) to May 14, 2017 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Technique and Expression in Traditional Japanese Art -Decorated Papers-"
from May 25, 2017 (Thursday) to July 2, 2017 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Introduction to Ceramics -Dishes and Plates, Large and Small-"
from July 13, 2017 (Thursday) to September 3, 2017 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Supporting the Buddhist Image -Lotus Flower, Sacred Beast, Deva and Demon-"
from September 14, 2017 (Thursday) to October 22, 2017 (Sunday)

"Colored Leaves Viewing in Minami-Aoyama Campaign: Garden around Tea Ceremony Room is open to the public"
from November 23, 2017 (Thursday, National Holiday) to December 3, 2017 (Sunday)

"Special Exhibition: Pinnacle of Elegance -Sword Fittings of the Mitsumura Collection-"
from November 3, 2017 (Friday, National Holiday) to December 17, 2017 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Ink and Gold -Paintings of the Kanō School-"
from January 10, 2018 (Wednesday) to February 12, 2018 (Monday, Substitute Holiday)

"Collection Exhibition: A Bouquet of Incense Containers"
from February 22, 2018 (Thursday) to March 31, 2018 (Saturday)

"Special Exhibition: Kōrin and Kenzan -Brother Artists, Resonating Aesthetics-"
from April 14, 2018 (Thursday) to May 13, 2018 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Introduction to Traditional Art -Lacquer Techniques and Designs-"
from May 24, 2018 (Thursday) to July 8, 2018 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Zen and the Art of Cultural Exchange -An Invitation to Calligraphy and Ink Painting-"
from September 1, 2018 (Saturday) to October 8, 2018 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Special Exhibition: Momoyama Tea Utensils -A New View-"
from October 20, 2018 (Saturday) to December 16, 2018 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: A Tale of Expelling the Demon -The Shutendōji Picture Scroll-"
from January 10, 2019 (Thursday) to February 17, 2019 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Floral Beauty in Buddhist Art"
from February 28, 2019 (Thursday) to March 31, 2019 (Sunday)

"Special Exhibition: Ogata Kotin's Irises -Felicitations in Edo-period Paintings-"
from April 13, 2019 (Saturday) to May 12, 2019 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Introduction to Traditional Art -The Subjects of Paintings-"
from May 25, 2019 (Saturday) to July 7, 2019 (Sunday)

"Collection Exhibition: Merciful Buddhas, Terrifying Deities"
from July 25, 2019 (Thursday) to August 25, 2019 (Sunday)

"Museum Collection Exhibition, Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Museum's Renewal: Beautiful Lives -Birds and Flowers in Japanese East Asia Art-"
from September 7, 2019 (Saturday) to November 4, 2019 (Monday, Substitute Holiday)

"Colored Leaves Viewing in Minami-Aoyama Campaign: Garden around Tea Ceremony Room is open to the public"
from November 28, 2019 (Thursday) to December 5, 2019 (Thursday)

"Special Exhibition: The Tea Ceremony in Edo -Commemorating the Tricentennial of the Birth of Kawakami Fuhaku-"
from November 16, 2019 (Saturday) to December 23, 2019 (Monday)

"Collection Exhibition: Paintings Created as Sets"
from January 9, 2020 (Thursday) to February 11, 2020 (Tuesday, National Holiday)

"Special Exhibition: Splendid Hina Dolls from the Toraya Collection"
from February 22, 2020 (Saturday) to March 29, 2020 (Sunday)
*Nezu Museum is temporarily closed from February 29, 2020 (Saturday) to March 29, 2020 (Sunday).

"Special Exhibition: The National Treasure Irises Screens -The Allure of Color-"
from April 18, 2020 (Saturday) to May 17, 2020 (Sunday)

Necessary Time
It is estimated that it is about 2 hours in a regular pace, about 1.5 hours in a fast pace and about 2.5 hours in a slow pace.

Opening Hour
This museum opens from 10:00 to 17:00 (last entry: 16:30).

Closed Day
This museum is closed every Monday, change-of-exhibition period and year-end and new year holiday. In case that Monday is either a national holiday or a substitute holiday, this museum opens on Monday and closes on the following weekday.

Admissions Fee
It is different between special exhibition and collection exhibition. In case of special exhibition, it is 1,300-yen for the general public and 1,000-yen for high school students and above. In case of collection exhibition, it is 1,100-yen for the general public and 800-yen for high school students and above. In both cases, it is free for junior high school students and under.

It takes about 8 minutes from Omote-Sando Station on foot.

Nearest Railway Station
◎ Omote-Sando Station (Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line)

Fellow Travelers
◎ Alone
◎ With Friends
◎ With Significant Other
◎ With Family
○ With Children

Name in English
Nezu Museum

Name in Roman Letters
Nezu Bijutsukan

Name in Japanese

6-5-1, Minami-Aoyama, Minato City, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan

Telephone Number



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Purpose: Art

Purpose: Colored Leaf

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Purpose: Oriental Art

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