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National Stadium

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TRY JAPAN recommends ...

1: to see soccer games (game day only)
2: to see rugby games (game day only)

Multi-purpose stadium that international sport events are held

If you visit National Stadium, you can watch sport events on event days.

It was the main stadium of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Tokyo, in 1991 were also held at this stadium.

It is famous as the central place of soccer in Japan. It was a seasonal tradition in the world of soccer that the final in the Emperor's Cup was held on a new year's day until 2014. Toyota Cup was held from 1980 to 2001. Great soccer games are held between Eurpearn Champion and South American Champion.

It is also the central place of soccer in Japan.

It is under rebuilding for Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Olympic Games in 2020.

It opened in 1958. It is a large national multi-purpose stadium with 54,224 seats at Jingu Gaien in Sendagaya, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Its nearest station is Kokuritsu-Kyogijo station.

Event Information

Finished Event Information

"National Stadium Opening Event -HELLO, OUR STADIUM-"
December 21, 2019 (Saturday)

"The Emperor's Cup"
January 1, 2020 (Wednesday, National Holiday): "Final: Vissel Kobe VS Kashima Antlers"

"Japan Para Athletics Championship"
from May 2, 2020 (Saturday) to May 3, 2020 (Sunday, National Holiday)

May 10, 2020 (Sunday)

Necessary Time
It is different from event to event.

Opening Hour
It is different from event to event.

Closed Day
It is different from event to event.

Admissions Fee
It is different from event to event.

It takes about 5 minutes from Kokuritsu-Kyogijou Station on foot. It is also accessible from Sendagaya Station and Shinanomachi Station.

Nearest Railway Station
◎ Kokuritsu-Kyogijyo Station (Toei Subway: Oedo Line)
◎ Sendagaya Station (JR East: Sobu Line, Chuo Main Line)
◎ Shinanomachi Station (JR East: Sobu Line, Chuo Main Line)
◎ Gaienmae Station (Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line)
○ Aoyama-Ichome Station (Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line)
○ Aoyama-Ichome Station (Toei Subway: Oedo Line)

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Name in English
National Stadium

Name in Roman Letters
Kokuritsu Kyogijo

Name in Japanese

10-2, Kasumigaoka-Machi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, 160-0013, Japan

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