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Hara Model Railway Museum

Photo Provided by Hara Model Railway Museum

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TRY JAPAN recommends ...

1: to see the large diorama at "Ichiban Tetsumo Park"
2: to see "No. 1 Locomotive"
3: to see "Model of Wuppertal Suspension Railway"
4: to see "No. 1 tickets"

Photo Provided by Hara Model Railway Museum

Museum that has the exquisite dioramas of model railway

If you visit Hara Model Railway Museum, you can see the world of model railway by Nobutaro Hara (1919-2014) who was a maker of model railway and collector of model railway.

It is overwhelming to see model railways run in the large elaborated diorama of "Ichiban Tetsumo Park." You can hear the sound that model railways make and see the light that the park creates in the night atmosphere. You can also see the color of signal changes when model railway passes and the clock at the station that ticks accurately. It is possible to enjoy a live image from ropeway that runs in the diorama, if the time is right.

In addition, you can see "Yokohama Diorama" that demonstrate a day in Yokohama beyond history between past and present.

At the 1st exhibition room, "The Essence of Hara Models," it is impressive to see "No. 1 Locomotive" that he made at his age of 12, understanding his passion by the image at the 2nd exhibition room, "Storytelling Models." Also, "Hakone Tozan Railway Series Chiki Series Chiki No. 1" and "Orient Express" are also wonderful. It is enjoyable to see his model railways that are sophisticated inside as well as outside.

The collection by Mr. Nobutaro Hara is also fulfilling. In particular, it is worth seeing "Model of Wuppertal Suspension Railway" at the 3rd exhibition room, "Vintage Collection." Also, it is interesting to see various kinds of "No. 1 tickets" including tickets of Tokaido Shinkan-sen and Keio Inokashira Line.

Moreover, various kinds of events are held temporarily. "Images of Railway in the world by Mr. Nobutaro Hara" (from February 7, 2014 (Friday) to March 17, 2014 (Monday)) showed images including that of "Rocket 150" at the railway show in the United Kingdom.

It opened in 2012. It is a middle-sized private museum at the 2nd floor of Yokohama Mitsui Building in Minatomirai, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Its nearest station is Shin-Takashima station.

Event Information

"Hakone Tozan Railway 100th Year Anniversary Exhibition"
from May 24, 2019 (Friday) to July 8, 2019 (Monday)

Finished Event Information

"The 70th Year Anniversary of Original Publication THOMAS & FRIENDS SPECIAL GALLERY"
from April 22, 2015 (Wednesday) to May 10, 2015 (Sunday)

"Movie about Rare Railways in Tohoku and Hokkaido by Nobutaro Hara"
from May 27, 2015 (Wednesday) to July 5, 2015 (Sunday)

"Keikyu: Running the tip of the times"
from July 18, 2015 (Saturday) to November 3, 2015 (Tuesday, National Holiday)

"Nobutaro Hara Record Picture Exhibition: Last Days of Metropolitan Streetcars in Ginza and Osaka"
from November 5, 2015 (Thursday) to December 17, 2015 (Thursday)

"Winter Holiday's Exhibition: Antique Trains Special"
from December 19, 2015 (Saturday) to January 11, 2016 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Taiwanese Railway Exhibition"
from January 16, 2016 (Saturday) to March 17, 2016 (Thursday)

"Public Assembling of Life-Sized D51 Steam Locomotive Cardboard"
March 19, 2016 (Saturday)
*From March 20, 2016 (Sunday, National Holiday) to April 2, 2016 (Saturday), the Life-Sized D51 Steam Locomotive Cardboard stops temporarily at First Floor Open Space in Yokohama Mitsui Building where Hara Model Railway Museum enters. Opening Hour is from 06:00 to 24:00.

"Nobutaro Hara Birth Week"
from March 26, 2016 (Saturday) to April 4, 2016 (Monday)

"Spring holiday exhibition: 0-Gauge Model Special"
from March 19, 2016 (Saturday) to April 11, 2016 (Monday)

from April 20, 2016 (Wednesday) to May 30, 2016 (Monday)

"Great Britain Historical Railway Video Exhibit"
from June 1, 2016 (Wednesday) to June 30, 2016 (Thursday)

"World Model Railway Get Together! Nobutaro Hara Collection HO-Gauge from the World 1,000 Vehicles Get Together!"
from September 17, 2016 (Saturday) to September 25, 2016 (Sunday)
*Venue is Yokohama Mitsui Building First Floor where Hara Model Railway Museum enters.

"The Day of Railway Anniversary Special Event: Kanagawa Youth Railway Diorama Summit"
from October 1, 2016 (Saturday) to October 30, 2016 (Sunday)
*Venue is Yokohama Mitsui Building First Floor where Hara Model Railway Museum enters.

"Nobutaro Hara World Trip Exhibition"
from July 6, 2016 (Wednesday) to October 31, 2016 (Monday)

"Thomas & Friends WINTER GALLERY"
from November 23, 2016 (Wednesday, National Holiday) to January 9, 2017 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Hitachi Vehicle Model Special Display"
from November 26, 2016 (Saturday) to January 9, 2017 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway Invitation Project: Narrow Gauge Kingdom Light Railway of Taiwan Exhibition"
from January 18, 2017 (Wednesday) to March 13, 2017 (Monday)

"The 98th-Year Anniversary of Nobutaro Hara's Birth Event"
from April 1, 2017 (Saturday) to April 3, 2017 (Monday)

"Spring holiday's exhibition: 0-Gauge Model Special"
from March 15, 2017 (Wednesday) to April 10, 2017 (Monday)

from April 19, 2017 (Wednesday) to May 15, 2017 (Monday)

"Nobutaro Hara Record Picture Exhibition: Railway of Kyushu and Yakushima Forest Railway"
from May 17, 2017 (Wednesday) to July 2, 2017 (Sunday)

"Thomas & Friends Special Gallery"
from July 12, 2017 (Wednesday) to August 31, 2017 (Thursday)

"Odakyu Line 90th Year Anniversary ・ SE Car 60th Year Anniversary Romance Car Story"
from September 2, 2017 (Saturday) to November 30, 2017 (Thursday)

from December 2, 2017 (Saturday) to February 3, 2018 (Saturday)

"Reminiscence of Yokohama・Kyoto Trolley Pole Train Exhibition"
from February 9, 2018 (Friday) to April 2, 2018 (Monday)

"The 99th-Year Anniversary of Nobutaro Hara's Birth Festival"
from April 2, 2018 (Wednesday) to April 8, 2018 (Sunday)

from April 18, 2018 (Wednesday) to May 7, 2018 (Monday)

"Run This Year too! O Gauge of Hara Model Railway"
from May 10, 2018 (Thursday) to June 4, 2018 (Monday)

"Norwegian Railway Video Exhibit"
from June 6, 2018 (Wednesday) to July 9, 2018 (Monday)

from July 11, 2018 (Wednesday) to August 29, 2018 (Wednesday)

"Tokyu Corporation Exhibition ~For the City, For People~"
from September 1, 2018 (Saturday) to December 3, 2018 (Monday)

from December 6, 2018 (Thursday) to January 21, 2019 (Monday)

"Friendship Agreement Sealing with Kyoto Railway Museum Commemorative Project: Steam Locomotives of Kansai Area"
from January 26, 2019 (Saturday) to March 25, 2019 (Monday)

"NOBUTARO HARA 100th birthday anniversary: Hara 100 Festival"
from March 27, 2019 (Wednesday) to April 15, 2019 (Monday)

from April 18, 2019 (Thursday) to May 12, 2019 (Sunday)

Photo Provided by Hara Model Railway Museum

Necessary Time
It is estimated that it is about 1 hour in a regular pace, about 30 minutes in a hurried pace, and about 2 hours in a slow pace.

Opening Hour
This museum opens from 10:00 to 17:00 (last entry: 16:30). Also, opening hour is temporarily changed.

Closed Day
This museum is closed every Tuesday. In case that Tuesday is either a national holiday or a substitute holiday, it opens on Tuesday and closes on the following weekday. It opens on March 25, 2014 (Tuesday), April 1, 2014 (Tuesday) and April 29, 2014 (Tuesday, national holiday).

Admissions Fee
It is 1,000-yen for adults, 700-yen for junior high and high school students, and 500-yen for infants aged 4 and over.

It takes about 5 minutes from Yokohama Station on foot.

Nearest Railway Station
◎ Yokohama Station (JR East: Tokaido Main Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Yokosuka Line, Others)
◎ Yokohama Station (Keikyu: Main Line)
◎ Yokohama Station (Tokyu: Toyoko Line)
◎ Yokohama Station (Sagami: Soutetsu Main Line)
◎ Yokohama Station (Yokohama Minatomirai: Minatomirai Line)
◎ Yokohama Station (Yokohama Municipal Subway: Blue Line)
◎ Shin-Takashima Station (Yokohama Minatomirai: Minatomirai Line)
○ Takashimacho Station (Yokohama Municipal Subway: Blue Line)

Fellow Travelers
◎ Alone
◎ With Friends
◎ With Significant Other
◎ With Family
◎ With Children

Name in English
Hara Model Railway Museum

Name in Roman Letters
Hara Tetsudo Mokei Hakubutsukan

Name in Japanese

Yokohama Mitsui Building 2F, 1-1-2, Takashima, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 220-0011, Japan

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