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Japan Football Museum

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TRY JAPAN recommends ...

1: to watch images at virtual stadium of the 1st floor
2: to know the history of soccer in Japan

Sports Museum that shows history of soccer in Japan

If you visit Japan Football Museum, you can see images of Japanese soccer at virtual stadium.

It is a sport museum of soccer in Japan. It consists of free area at the 1st floor and the B1 floor and paid area at B2 floor. It is enjoyable to know the historical flow of soccer in Japan.

At the 1st floor, there is a virtual stadium. It is interesting to see images about challenge of Japan national football team and passionate cheer of supporters. In particular, it was impressive to see the image of goal process on the whole football pitch in the screen, which is different from the viewpoint of television and the seat at the stadium.

At the B1 floor, there is a corner of hall of fame in Japanese soccer. It is possible to know those who contributed to the development of Japanese soccer.

At the B2 floor, it is wonderful to see a lot of memorial items that tell the history of Japan national soccer team and soccer clubs as well as FIFA World Cup™. Also, special exhibitions are sometimes held. For example, "Emperor's Cup and Empress's Cup" (from December 3, 2013 (Tuesday) to January 13, 2014 (Monday, national holiday)) was held.

It opened in 2013 as a memorial of 2002 FIFA World Cup™. It is a middle-sized private sports museum at residential area in Ochanomizu, Bunkyo City, Tokyo. Its nearest station is Ochanomizu station.

On a different note, as a sports museum, there is The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Bunkyo City, Tokyo.

Event Information

Finished Event Information

"Special Exhibition: The History of Soccer Book"
from February 17, 2015 (Tuesday) to April 5, 2015 (Sunday)

"Special Exhibition: Nadeshiko Japan"
from April 7, 2015 (Tuesday) to July 12, 2015 (Sunday)

"Display of AFC Champions League's Championship Trophy (Replica)"
from August 27, 2015 (Thursday) to September 10, 2015 (Thursday)

"Special Exhibiton: Nadeshiko Japan FIFA WOMAN'S WORLD CUP CANADA 2015"
from July 14, 2015 (Tuesday) to October 25, 2015 (Sunday)

"Entrance Display: The Empress's Cup"
from October 7, 2015 (Wednesday) to December 20, 2015 (Sunday)

"Special Display: FIFA Club World Cup"
from December 10, 2015 (Thursday) to January 11, 2016 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Special Exhibition: Dettmar Cramar and Soccer between Japan and Germany"
from November 3, 2015 (Tuesday, National Holiday) to February 21, 2016 (Sunday)

"Special Exhibition: Homare Sawa"
from April 1, 2016 (Friday) to May 31, 2016 (Tuesday)

"Special Exhibition: 2016 J.LEAGUE Exhibition"
from February 27, 2016 (Saturday) to July 18, 2016 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Special Exhibition: AFC U-23 CHAMPIONSHIP QATAR 2016"
from June 1, 2016 (Wednesday) to Tentative

"Special Exhibition: Young Samudrai assembling here -Japan National Team of Rio Olympic Games-"
from July 20, 2016 (Wednesday) to Tentative

"Entrance Display: The Empress's Cup"
from September 27, 2016 (Tuesday) to December 21, 2016 (Wednesday)

"Special Display: FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016"
from December 9, 2016 (Friday) to January 9, 2017 (Monday, National Holiday)

"The Emperor's Cup Main Visual "GIANT KILLING" Original Picture Display"
from July 13, 2017 (Thursday) to January 8, 2018 (Monday, National Holiday)

"2018 FIFA World Cup Russia(TM) Asia Qualifiers Final Round: Road to Russia SAMURA BLUE Support Special Exhibition"
from December 3, 2016 (Saturday) to Tentative

"Project Display Event: CAPTAIN TSUBASA ~DREAM TEAM~"
from September 8, 2019 (Sunday) to September 29, 2019 (Sunday)

"Mr. Diego Armando Maradona Memorial Display"
from December 4, 2020 (Friday) to January 11, 2021 (Monday, National Holiday)

"Emperor's Cup JFA 100th Japan Football Championship Special Display"
from October 20, 2020 (Tuesday) to January 31, 2021 (Sunday)

Necessary Time
It is estimated that it is about 2 hours in a regular pace, about 1 hour in a hurried pace, and about 3 hours in a slow pace.

Opening Hour
This museum opens from 13:00 to 18:00 (last entry: 17:30). However, it opens from 10:00 to 18:00 (last entry: 17:30). Also, it opens from 10:00 to 18:00 (last entry: 17:30) for the special period.

Closed Day
This museum is closed on Monday. In case that Monday is either a national holiday or a substitute holiday, it opens on Monday and closes on the following weekday. Also, it is closed during maintenance period twice a year.

Admissions Fee
It is 550-yen for adults and 300-yen for elementary school and junior high school students.

The closest station is Ochanomizu Station and Shin-Ochanomizu Station. It is also accessible from Hongo-Sanchome Station.

Nearest Railway Station
◎ Ochanomizu Station (JR East: Sobu Line, Chuo Line, Chuo Main Line)
◎ Ochanomizu Station (Tokyo Metro: Marunouchi Line)
◎ Shin-Ochanomizu Station (Tokyo Metro: Chiyoda Line)
◎ Hongo-Sanchome Station (Tokyo Metro: Marunouchi Line)
◎ Hongo-Sanchome Station (Toei Subway: Oedo Line)
○ Suehirocho Station (Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line)
○ Yushima Station (Tokyo Metro: Chiyoda Line)

Fellow Travelers
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Name in English
Japan Football Museum
2002 FIFA World Cup™ Memorial Japan Football Museum

Name in Roman Letters
Nihon Saka Myujiamu
2002 FIFA World Cup™ Kinen Nihon Saka Myujiamu

Name in Japanese
2002 FIFA World Cup™記念 日本サッカーミュージアム
2002 FIFA World Cup™きねん にほんさっかーみゅーじあむ

JFA House, 3-10-15, Hongo, Bunkyo City, Tokyo, 113-8311, Japan

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